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“Excellence is Habit”

Our Passion

We provide our customers with high quality athletic apparel with an emphasis on sustainability.

Our Purpose

Our vision is to enthusiastically inspire people to express themselves fully and honestly while raising awareness to the importance of environmental ethics. Empowering people through our passion to make a difference in this world is what we are all about, and by doing so, people can discover their passion and define their purpose.

The History

VRGATA® ATHLETICA was founded in 2016 by founder and CEP (Chief Executive Philosopher), JASON NGUYEN, a fitness and health enthusiast who loves to express himself through the arts and the body. The brand started as an experimental hobby and outlet for expressing his passion to create, motivate and inspire. After gaining interest in Crossfit in 2014, he quickly realized his aching wrist joints needed support. Enter #ATHLETICAWRAPS, which went from being a fun interest producing custom designed wrist wraps for himself, family and friends, to materializing into a real opportunity which allowed him to be a part of something bigger than himself. The demand for his ideas were real and with the blueprint in front of him to design and create ideas from the heart came the birth of VRGATA® ATHLETICA.

The Future

Since the very first inception of the brand coming to life, the ultimate goal was always to fully implement the entire product line as 100% eco-friendly. From the process and materials to the final product, the direction is to innovate on an environmentally friendly level without losing aesthetic appeal and function.